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Full Version: Mousey Update!
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Here's an update on how my mousey family is doing! wag tongue

Well Zephyr mouse, he's settled in to my home very well.. he's an absolute nutter though he runs round at the speed of lightning! rolleyes He does occasionally like to sit on your shoulder and stay there for a while Laugh
Here is Zephyr waiting for mummy to give him a mealworm
[Image: 775026_397525207005763_1401824456_o_zps67e670c9.jpg]

Eating the mealworm.. heaven on mouse earth as he says!
[Image: 774228_397456383679312_621694494_o_zpsc51dd70d.jpg]

This is Zephyr's home
[Image: 2013-01-25141152_zps92fdde7b.jpg]

Orion is just... Orion. He like Zephyr is a total and utter nutter. He does, like Zephyr occasionally like a cuddle.

[Image: 2013-01-10170117_zps7ac5abe3.jpg]

His home, needs a bit of sprucing up to be honest... got some toys on the request list of which he asked me to buy him tongue
[Image: 2013-01-01183429_zpsb8ecccb9.jpg]

My female mice, well since losing their boss Eris, the whole hierarchy is under work and there has been a lot of fighting (nothing serious though!)
I have a new boss of the group, which took me by surprise as she was submissive before! Which is.. Cornelia!
Here's a few photos of *some* of the ladies

Orion's twin sister Maia
[Image: 2012-12-23194004_zpsa236f228.jpg]

Kestra... she was such a small mouse when i got her at 19g in weight from a feeder breeder. She's now a whopping 45g and doing very well indeed.
[Image: 2012-12-27010807_zps6c7dcdb0.jpg]

Naughty Nyx munching on Cheerios
[Image: 2013-01-19191855_zps52554b00.jpg]

Ophelia likes to cuddle, alot!
[Image: 2013-01-22204209_zps18feff6b.jpg]

Bathtub freeroam Lois wanting to climb on my finger. She's probably the most confident mouse.
[Image: 2013-01-22094902_zps3ae81655.jpg]

Apphia's doing really well, she's one of my first mice. She can either be cuddly or 'go away and let me play' Big smile
[Image: 408606_392581954166755_2055769495_n_zps1cc2e1d9.jpg]

Sofia II likes to remember Linus by posing like he did. She's a cuddly little mouseling.
[Image: 775724_396673210424296_1117158424_o_zps7c17ba49.jpg]

Delphie tends to do her own thing, she doesn't really like cuddles.. but that's ok since there are other cuddly little ladies in the gang.
Cornelia is being a big bully at the moment, i keep having to tell her off. She's one that prefers to be in the cage rather than out too.
Little Lexi is an affectionate mouse, and quite delicate. She's one for a cuddle too Smitten

They do like a rich tea biscuit though... i give them all small pieces of rich tea and Cornelia, Maia and Delphie prefer to yank biscuit out their sister's mouth's rather than take it off me. wag tongue Naughty ladies! Also, i do syringe train them with baby porridge holding a syringe full in the cage.... they smack eachover in the face to get to the syringe LOL Flag
Orion and Zephyr like to sit and spy on the 10 girls. I know exactly what they're thinking but they've got no chance! wag tongue

Here's the girls home
[Image: 775125_396701083754842_332776721_o_zps5507bbbd.jpg]
What gorgeous photos love, they are adorable and so very pretty.


JO xx
They are all very cute Susie Smitten you must be so proud smile Maia is so sweet smile I especially like the colour of Nyx and Sofia II.
They are in amazing cage set ups. They are such lucky little meeces smilesmile
Thankyou hammyhugs Hugz

Mrscross78, they are indeed. Nyx and Sofia II are a lovely shiny gold colour which is adorable Cupidhit
Thankyou! Waaah!

Maia decided she wanted me to share more pics of her with you
She's looking very fluffy tonight. Bless her Smitten
[Image: DSC00599_zpsd0874d3a.jpg]

Cuteness..? Big smile
[Image: DSC00597_zps791e80b0.jpg]
They are all extremely cute little mouseys !!!! One day il fight my tail fear!! X
Omg! I'm in love Smitten I'd love to keep mine one day!
One question, do they like being handled or are they a look but don't touch pet? They look quite fast LOL Flag
So adorable Smitten
(04-15-2013 10:44 PM)QueenHannah Wrote: [ -> ]Omg! I'm in love Smitten I'd love to keep mine one day!
One question, do they like being handled or are they a look but don't touch pet? They look quite fast LOL Flag
So adorable Smitten

My mice like to be handled.. They are not that fast and they don't try to escape from you like hamsters can sometimes do. They are more happy to explore you than run away from you. Mice are super cute Smitten
Absolutely gorgeous mousey family you have there, I love them all Smitten
Thank you for the extra photos hun, I could look at them all day.


JO xx
You've given me a new love for mice, Susie Big smile They are adorable!
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