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Full Version: Rats?
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I have wanted rats for quite a long time but my mum doesn't like rats one bit. Any advice on how I can show her how loveable rats are?? Smitten
My Mom had a huge fear of Rats and when I came home with a huge Cream Hooded Male she flipped out and demanded I return him. I couldn't do that as the store which had him was about to kill him and several other Rats because they were getting over populated and they had no way to move them all on even for Snake food.

I begged Mom and though she had experienced a horrible thing when a wild rat bit her baby sister and she died from Rabies she soon reasoned with me and let me keep the Rat. As time passed Ben began to win her over with some silly antics he played only with her. Ben acted more like a dog then a rat and he was actually litter box trained so used it when loose. We had no cats back then but had two house bunnies and Ben and the Bunny girls would run and popcorn through the whole house. Ben even got the right to be on the Couch which even the dog didn't have the right to do.

However, on a more serious note if your living with your parents in their home you must heed to their request and not have a rat. I was only 15 years old and I did wrong by bringing home a pet which Mom was deathly afraid of and I made her allow this Rat. I just was blessed that Mom was willing to over come her fears and began to love Ben as much as I did.
I don't really know how you can. What is the reason that she doesn't like ratties? They are lovely, and are usually a lot more friendly than hamsters are. They are like mini humans and can eat a lot of what we can Laugh
If you ever do get rats, make sure to learn all you can about them. Big smile
Rats tend to get a bad press due to some people not knowing a lot about them. Those who don't have an interest will hear about them spreading disease and being pests. If your mum doesn't have a phobia, maybe you could gradually show her information and facts about what great pets they can be. This will also help you to understand more about them and the best way to care for them.

Maybe in the future she may change her mind ?

Good luck. Hmmmm
I have rats, 13 of them to be exact. They're amazing creatures. To try and persuade your mam I would suggest taking her along to a local rat show where you get to meet the rats, have a cuddle of them and talk to breeders so that you can see if rats are the best pet for you. They can also advise you on the best type of cage, diet etc

At one of my local shows a teenage girl turned up with her mam who was completely freaked out by rats, especially agouti ones since they resemble wild rats. Within an hour the mam was stood with 2 "cuddle corner" rats on her shoulder and by the end of the day the girl left a message on our rat group to say her mam had agreed that she could have rats.

So good luck!! X
Good luck love, I adore ratties.


Jo xx
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