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Full Version: I'm never getting another pet..
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Mum just said I'm never getting another pet. This is probably the worst thing that's ever happened. I just want to Die almost.goodbye guys, you probably won't. Need me.

just an update: now the family dog is dying/really sick
Oh darling, you seem in desperate need of a friend now, I really wish I could help you more.

JO xx
seems that your words helped us- now the dog is all better
ALAS my mum said i coan get another hamster WoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohooWoohoo
hopefully getting it this saturday. Cwazy
Great news I am happy for you.

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today i got my new hamster aki (pronounced ak-ee) which is Japanese for red, beautiful, sparkle and autumn. i found very pretty and my little boy hamster is so beautiful! Smitten can't wait to get taming tomorrow! my little snowball of fluff (did i mention he is pure white like snow?) but now my rant about hamsters is over 'tis time i go. bye ppl!

from ilovemyhamster
I am so pleased for you darling, please send some pics when you can.

JO xx
I would also love to see some pics when you can

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just an update aki died about 8 weeks ago. he went into torpor, woke up successfully and then had a stroke. sadly, being weak from torpor, the stroke killed him.i have lots of pics i will post them in a while. his last photo was of him climbing down my face.... he had a problem with the other hamsters. in the pet store the person said no one wanted to hold him or feed him and that he had been there for 8 weeks in that tiny glass cage all alone. i think it was because he has dark red eyes and was pure white like an albino.... pretty sad really... this is not the end though i will get another hamster and give this one the pamered life it deserves. now i have had 4 hamsters that have died within 3 months. PAH excuse is 'they're so small, we sometimes cant see it from the outside..' do a checkup then silly pet store >sad they give you a leaflet and dont even ask much about the conditions! WHAT THE HECK?! they are teamed up with the rspca and have an adoption section now so there's one tiny improvement..... but still! its so bad i cant really put it into words..... god save hamsters....

thanks ilovemyhamster
PAH can be the pits, I have heard so many bad things about individual stores. You have had some really bad experiences love and my heart goes out to you. I agree when you say God bless hamsters only I wish he would take better care of them!!

JO xx
thanks for the support hammyhugs XXX i plan on getting another hamster this summer XX
from ilovemyhamster
You are more than welcome love, you now have something to look forward to. Do keep us updated.Wave

Jo xx
i can post a pic of him later, right now i need to go on the ipad to get it X3
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