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Full Version: Sorry for the disappearance! Calvin is doing well.
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Hello, everyone! Sorry for poofing! I seem to come on here before or after tough times with my hammies. Unsure But luckily, I don't have any poor news to share today!

Calvin is doing well since I got him in April of this year. He is fluffy as ever and I have to give him haircuts, which had been a surprise to me the first time I had to pull out the scissors. rotfl Who knew that teddy bears would require so much attention? I sure didn't, haha. I've been used to short-haired Syrians.

He's warmed up to me, too, I feel, and I'm beginning to be won over by his cuteness. He has quite a sweet face and he is so plush, too. I won't forget Arthur (not in the slightest), but I feel that Calvin is a worthy successor. Not quite the same, but worthy all the same. I am happy to have him!

I'll leave you all with an old, old picture I drew of my old hamster, Arthur, on the iPad! I hope you all have a good rest of the year!

[Image: ml2nmv.png]
He sounds adorable hunni and that picture is just great. I love long haired hammies but as you say, they take a lot of groominig.

JO xx
Great pic, you are very artistic

Good Job
That picture is AMAZING, hard enough with paint and paper, but an ipad Thumbs up

So glad Calvin is doing well Laugh
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