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Full Version: 3 Degu Girls
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Hi I took on 3 degu girls in a massive cage but maybe they would be better in a new home. They are much more active than my hammies and therefore my little Terrier dog barks constantly as she can hear them even though they are in a different room and I have put them up on a higher table and off their wheeled stand. Also I think I may be allergic to them as Ive done nothing but cough. I have always had hammies with no adverse affects as you all know and I still have my hammies (although only 3 now - Bertha, Otto and Mushroom). If you know of anyone wanting 3 beautiful Degus plus he massive cage and stand and all their bits and bobs please let me know as I want them to go to a good home. They are friendly and don't bite and once they know you they come when you call them and also apparently Degus are very intelligent and you can train them. So please if you know of anyone please let me know.
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