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Full Version: hamster mum?
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awww fabulouse smile
cant wait 4 the big day !!! smile
well mercedes is all cleaned out ready for wednesday good luck mercedes Big smile
Yes, very best of luck, Poeyswifey, Mercedes & babies.

How is Mckenzie now?
she keeps putting the toilet paper all up her waterbottle and clogging her bottle so she cant get to it and the water is soakig the bbedding
Then move the water bottle. If she wants to make her nest there, she's gonna make her next there. Mum knows best.

Just move it to the other side of the cage or where the wheel used to be. (:
she has pushed the wet paper out of the cage now she is sorted
it is ok to put a cover thing over the cage so she dont get desturbed isnt it?

when can i take it off for good?
It's best not to cover the cage...
oh sould i keep one side covered thogh so she cant see mckenzie
Do they have to be close, can you move him? It's best for her not to feel threatened, which she could feel if she can smell him. You can cut some cardboard to sheild a bit of her cage off for added privacy. You have cleaned the cage right? It will get very smelly otherwise rolleyes
yeahh cleaned her out yesterday ready for tomoz smile i cant wait tbh i got m fingers crossed that she dont cull them
should be here tomoz smile
Not much more you can do for her now. Keep her in as quiet a spot as you can find. Disturb only to put in more food, and clear out uneaten perishables. Control the urge to snoop around while she's off the nest. Some young mothers abandon or cull, but some are fine mothers. You can't change which kind Mercedes is.
there here she has given birth last night smile i aint going look around at them so i dont know how many but i have a problem ... she has put the net over the food bowl and givn birth on the food bowl :/ dont know what do shal i get another bowl ?
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