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Making A Hamster Cake Treat

I have made lots of these for my Hamster’s birthdays over the years and they love them, they are also really simple ;)

Hamster Cake Recipe

You need:

Unsweetened muesli or similar oat based cereal
1 ripe banana
Shelled sunflower/pumpkin/mixed seeds (found in health or bakery aisle at supermarket)
Finely chopped Apple (optional)
Raisins (if not in muesli mix)
Hamster safe chocolate drops (or similar treats)
Skin of cucumber or apple.

Take the seeds, raisins, chopped apple and the muesli and mash in the banana, mix thoroughly so it sticks together and is evenly covered and sticky. Compact and compress mix into a small dish and garnish with Hamster chocolates or whatever decoration you prefer and cut cucumber/apple skin into a shape or letters/numbers depending on the occasion, place on top.

Put dish in the fridge to set for a few hours. You end up with something looking like this :)

When set (about 1 hour) either add the whole dish to the cage or cut a slice and serve.

NOTE: Some people feel feeding chocolates isn’t a good idea and would prefer not to, this is fine, they can be replaced with fruit or nuts, but I figure a one a year treat won’t hurt. When making for diabetic dwarf hamsters you can omit the sweet fruit and stick to seeds for decoration.